At Mood Fleuriste, we’re in love with flowers and beauty. We take inspiration from the flowers blooming the week of your wedding to create dramatic and seasonal pieces that celebrate your love.

Our clients come to us expecting gorgeous arching flowers, delicate colors and unmatched taste.

The Process

Catherine + Aaron

we like to make your floral design mood boards and flower selections sitting with you in our studio. this allows us to really design it together, and get your reactions in real time to the inspiration images and flower choices. for that reason, you will only see pricing on the proposal, but not to worry, the design portion is coming!

There are a lot of lovely designers in the area. What makes us truly different is our signature studio style that brought modern floristry to the Triangle.

We are known for our keen sense of color and seasonal-focused designs. We have a niche — sophisticated and understated luxury — and you can always spot a Mood Fleuriste design when you see it (or so other vendors tell us!).

Just like the difference between a gin & tonic from a dive bar in Poughkeepsie versus one served at the Ritz Paris, our difference is quality. We work with only the highest quality ingredients. This means locally grown, seasonal product when available, never reusing flowers from past events, and varieties that have movement, whimsy, and delicate petals that require lots of care before the event.

Madelaine’s sense of design is what leads us. She is known for her forward-thinking, unique designs, but is always rooted in romanticism and whimsy. She will be the art director of your wedding, creating recipes and hand picking blooms to make your vision come to life.

Madelaine Roberts


Dana is the point person for all our inquires and questions that pertain to logistics, invoicing, etc. She will be the one reaching out if you have questions about payments, scheduling design meetings, etc.

Dana Statkun