Mood Fleuriste is a boutique wedding florist in Raleigh + Durham, NC

We specialize in the modern + editorial style of flower design to produce refined, sculptural, + truly unique pieces of floral art for our clients



Hello + Welcome

A little about Madelaine

From my Durham home studio I imagine and create artful flowers that celebrate the beauty, passion, and love story of my clients all over North Carolina.

Want to know a bit about me? Well for starters…

  1. I only wear pants. 100 degree August day you say?—black skinny jeans it is.

  2. I love baking. There is nothing more satisfying in the world than getting a pie crust right.

  3. I’m a vegetarian thanks to my husband and love of cows. But when I’m stressed I reach right for those new Impossible burgers.


My start with flowers

I got started working with flowers when my event-planner mom, a real-life version of Leslie Knope, called upon me to help at a wedding that got too large for the bride to do the flowers DIY. Ever since then we've been working together to create beautiful events for our clients in North Georgia, and now I'm expanding to the triangle where I live with my husband Derek and dog Bosco.

I'm truly an introvert at heart, and flowers allow me to show who I am to the world. I have unmanageable frizzy blondish/reddish/brownish hair which seems to change color depending on my mood, and is part of the name for my business. 

I love all things Seinfeld, making homemade pasta, playing (and failing) at Mario Brothers with my husband, and just living an honest and gratifying life with the people I love the most.

All photos on this page provided by Mina von Feilitzsch Photography