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At Mood Fleuriste, every wedding or event we design is 100% custom. That being said, we recognize that events come in all shapes, sizes, and budgets. In order to help our future clients with planning and budgeting for flowers, we have put together this guide to help you understand the offerings within each package class.

Full-Service Custom PackageThis package is for clients who have a need for bridal party flowers, ceremony flowers, and reception flowers with delivery, setup and breakdown, and prefer to have a truly "hands-on" experience in designing the wedding flowers. This amounts to more time spent with me on design, has premium containers, flowers, silk trimmings, etc. and has time-intensive arrangements and installations.

Signature Package. This package pars down on individualized design time, container costs, set-up and break-down costs. It is best suited for clients who only require bridal party flowers, standard reception, and/or ceremony flowers, including no large installations. Clients will have plenty of design consultation time as well as a full design plan delivered with full set-up.

Essential Package. This package offers a single design consultation where we determine needs, priorities, and design preferences for your event. It is best suited for budget conscious clients who trust us to interpret their inspiration, create beautiful flowers for their event, and deliver them to the site without extensive individualized design time, and no set-up or breakdown time.

Personals and Elopement Package. This offering is for very small and intimate events, typically under 40 guests. Like the Signature Package, this package pars down on individualized design time, container costs, set-up and break-down costs, and has a maximum number of bouquets and arrangements. This maximum is to ensure I can complete the work without having to hire other designers and saves on labor costs.

Lastly, we provide on-demand consultation time for clients wanting to do DIY flowers or who need guidance for photoshoots, open-houses, and general information regarding the floral industry.




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